UNTITLED, San Francisco

Chris Coy, Samantha Thomas, and Jason Bailer Losh

Anat Ebgi Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in the first edition of UNTITLED, San Francisco from January 13-15 with a VIP opening on Thursday, January 12, from 3-9pm. The gallery wil feature new work by Chris Coy, Jason Bailer Losh, and Samantha Thomas.

Chris Coy will present the second painting in his Mona Lisa Overdrive series, a 7 x 9 foot photorealistic oil painting that derives from the computer generated environment the artist imagined based on the Rococo painting by Fragonard, The Swing. The hypernatural world painted in trompe l’oeil effect silver chrome depicts a pre-revolutionary aristocratic courtship amidst the splendor of lakes, chateaus, trees, pathways, stone angels, flowers, hedges, and other obsessive details that make up a world meant to uncannily mimic our own.

Jason Bailer Losh’s sculptures are composed of everyday materials repurposed into wholly new objects. He uses these items and constructs them into particular compositions, sequences and arrangements. They feel visible and familiar, yet relate outside of their tactility and functionality. Through the artist’s hand, common, commercial and domestic objects are exposed of their sculptural, formal and physical dimensions.

Samantha Thomas will present new works from her Cartography and Landscapification series. The handsewn maps of fabric, thread, and paint were worked on while the artist traveled the country. Meant to exist as metaphorical and visual representations of aerial views of landscapes, the pieces question the world, and the geopolitical boundaries that are ever shifting and fragile as thread. While referencing modernist formalism, her compositions no longer seek to explore the infinite contained within the canvas, but allow the language of abstract painting to confront concrete themes of global politics

Chris Coy, Samantha Thomas, and Jason Bailer Losh

Samantha Thomas
Landscapification #17 , 2016
Acrylic, thread and charcoal on canvas over panel
48 x 34 inches
Chris Coy
Castles in the grave, 2016
Digital print, framed
49 x 43 inches
Installation view
Chris Coy
Tommy Sunday (Mona Lisa Overdrive II), 2017
Oil on canvas
78 x 104 inches