Yearly Archives: 2020

Frieze New York

Sisters of the Sun: Faith Wilding and Sarah Ann Weber By George William Price Director of Collections, University Club of Chicago Oak trees are starting to bud, the daffodils and hyacinths I planted last fall are entering full bloom, and even the odd rabbit hops across the lawn, much to my terriers’ frustration. It’s Wednesday, April 22, 2020, the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day, and week six of Illinois’ shelter-in-place order. First celebrated in 1970, this global movement to drive transformative change for people and our planet remains relevant, necessary, and urgent – perhaps more so than ever before. The Read More »

Dallas Art Fair: Online

Anat Ebgi is pleased to present new works by Tammi Campbell, Sarah Ann Weber, and Neil Raitt for Dallas Art Fair Online. Made entirely from acrylic paint—including the bubble wrap, tape, and cardboard—Tammi Campbell’s paintings are perfectly packed stand-ins for their respective originals. Taking trompe l’oeil painting to its hyperrealistic extreme, Campbell’s work literally envelopes, secures, and mummifies historical paintings; it asks viewers to ponder what is valued, paying homage to the past, while simultaneously taking it hostage. Sarah Ann Weber works primarily with watercolor and colored pencil on paper. Focusing on floral, exotic, and invented organic forms, she bestows her compositions with a distinct sense of psychedelic color, pattern, Read More »

The Armory Show

Booth P1 Anat Ebgi is pleased to present new works by Amie Dicke and Janet Werner. Each of these artists practices use photography as a means to investigate gesture and abstraction as well as feminine portrayals and expectations. The works for The Armory Show 2020 direct focus to topics such as spectatorship, female power, hidden suffering, glamour, and sensuality. Amie Dicke rose to prominence in the early 2000s after a period of living and working in New York City that saw her literally de-facing the advertising imagery of Madison Avenue, obscuring the features of famous models and driving nails through Read More »

Frieze Los Angeles

There it is. The seaward cliff-house aflame. Disappeared behind a pastel haze and a reddening sky before us, majestic, otherworldly, desolate. Fire and smoke reign down while murky flood waters rise, ankle-deep. Through an arched doorway, following the white rabbit, we dive headfirst into a trip of vibrancy and alternate reality. Surreal and apocalyptic, it’s a mirror image of the Los Angeles we know and love. The outside air swells with a deafening silence of infinite landscape. Through the portal we find ourselves in a deserted room, a stale and hollow cavern—charred furniture, flickering lights—all the brightness gone. Behind every Read More »