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Tina Girouard | Review by Tausif Noor for Artforum Alec Egan |”17 Artists Reimagining the Still Life” by Alina Cohen for Artsy Alec Egan | “Painter Alec Egan’s Luscious Interiors and Brightly Lit Landscapes Are the Subject of a New Show at Anat Ebgi” by Caroline Goldstein for artnetnews Tina Girouard | “Tina Girouard’s Elevated Patterns” by Tessa Moldan for Ocula Magazine Greg Ito | “From Canvas to Cardboard” by Steve Chiotakis for KCRW Greg Ito | “Art Insider: Artist sets up sign-making stations at LA protests” by Lindsay Preston Zappas for KCRW