Yearly Archives: 2019

Frieze Los Angeles

Group presentation with Alec Egan, Jordan Nassar, Neil Raitt, Robert Russell, Caroline Walker, Janet Werner, and Faith Wilding.

The Armory

For The Armory Show 2019, Anat Ebgi presents the work of painter Jay Stuckey. Drawing is essential to Stuckey’s practice, his canvas panels bear the impulsivity of the diaristic yet the measured tempo of surrealistic vigilance. An accumulation of oil and graphite, Stuckey’s work often features a revolving cast of characters – cheerleaders, scuba-divers, and anthropomorphized snakes and cacti-people – which produce a unique pictorial language of both collective memories and private routines. Stuckey’s archetypes divulge the artist’s own ambitions and fears, while elevating the deeply universal and human. Text and image abound, the dreamlike narrativity of each canvas reveling…

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