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solo exhibition by Amie Dicke Palazzo Chigi  Piazza Colonna 370  00186 Roma, Italy

Art Basel Miami Beach

Positions Sector Booth #P03 Anat Ebgi is pleased to present Jibade-Khalil Huffman at Art Basel Miami Beach in the Positions Sector, Booth #P03. The booth will feature an entirely new body of work that focuses on themes of the black male ego in American pop culture, film, and literature. The installation blends video with mixed media lightboxes, creating a dynamic visual affect. Flat screen monitors are embedded under layered transparencies mounted on shaped plexiglass. The semi-concealed monitors feature two new connected video pieces, Untitled (LeVar Burton) and Mirror, as well as the main video, Figuration B, that incorporates archival and…

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Art Toronto

Ethan Cook, Chris Coy, Magalie Guérin, An Te Liu

The Armory Show

Martin Basher’s painting and sculptural work is situated in the lineage of display-based artistic practices. Working with the languages of retail and advertising, Basher explores the emotional charge of common objects and images. From his trademark paintings of gradated stripes and photo-real beaches to sculptural installations serving as displays for consumer goods, Basher activates spaces of sublimated psychological desire, at once familiar and strange for the altered retail scenarios they present. In these complex displays, Basher invokes unspoken drives, and the mundane and exclusive, the highbrow and lowbrow, and the public and private impulses that inform us as consuming individuals….

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UNTITLED, San Francisco

Anat Ebgi Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in the first edition of UNTITLED, San Francisco from January 13-15 with a VIP opening on Thursday, January 12, from 3-9pm. The gallery wil feature new work by Chris Coy, Jason Bailer Losh, and Samantha Thomas. Chris Coy will present the second painting in his Mona Lisa Overdrive series, a 7 x 9 foot photorealistic oil painting that derives from the computer generated environment the artist imagined based on the Rococo painting by Fragonard, The Swing. The hypernatural world painted in trompe l’oeil effect silver chrome depicts a pre-revolutionary aristocratic courtship…

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