Yearly Archives: 2016

EXPO Chicago

Two-person presentation with Chris Coy and Neil Raitt.


For the 2016 edition of SUNDAY Art Fair, Neil Raitt’s solo presentation expands upon his paintings’ folksy vernacular with a canopy tent in lieu of a traditional booth. Analogous to a leisurely Sunday painter selling their wares at an outdoor arts and crafts fair, the tent displays Raitt’s painting as they would be presented in a rustic woodland or by a pop artist on a Venice Beach boardwalk. Beyond the situational nod to the novelty motifs in his work, the installation additionally critiques the underlying presence of market forces in art fair presentations, wryly  alluding to the inextricability of the market…

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FIERA MILANO CITY Anat Ebgi, Booth D02   Martin Basher, Neil Raitt

The Armory Show

Margo Wolowiec Traditional black-and-white photography is grounded in the principle that photographic truth is only revealed through the darkroom process where prints are submerged in baths of organic chemicals. Working exclusively in grayscale, Margo Wolowiec’s two double-paneled pieces re-approximate the experience of darkroom photography in the conversion between the digital image and her physical weaving. Wolowiec has sourced images that attempt to replicate traditional modes of black and white photography in a digital space. Using the hashtag #blackandwhite as an archival tool to find the images that comprise her works, each digital photographsourced is an inexact representation of true black and white images. Wolowiec’s weavings interrogate the perceptive qualities of color and the artifice of online imagery. As her process involves conversions…

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ARCOmadrid Feria de Madrid Av. Partenón, 5 28042 Madrid, Spain Booth 9OP15   Samantha Thomas and Jay Stuckey

Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2016

Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2016 The Barker Hanger 3021 Airport Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90405 Booth #D15   Serge Attukwei-Clottey, Amie Dicke, Jibade-Khalil Huffman, Nicholas Pilato, Samantha Thomas